Check Out Marc Jacobs’s Latest Eye-Opening Single Off His Dr. Dre Album!

Listen to the lead track from Marsha Ambrosius’s upcoming album Casablanco, which is produced by Dr. Dre, below.

The former Floetry vocalist showcases her amazing vocal range in the song “The Greatest,” which describes a passionate love affair.

She sings, “You’re by far the best. You said the day I met you that you’d never let me go. I’m enthralled by your passion and can’t stop wanting you. And the things you do to me.”

In the third verse, Marsha even shows off her rapping prowess by spitting a few words, saying, “This’ll be me saying, ‘What’s up?'” Boss up, bringing the suffering before the comeback/ Grown up, but I haven’t changed; I’m still evolving/ Sаy who the best is? I made it, mama.”

A jazzy, symphonic arrangement using a sample of the Ahmad Jamal Trio’s “I Love Music,” which was infamously flipped on Nas’ “The World Is Yours,” complements Marsha’s poignant vocals.

The song was produced by Dem Jointz, Focus, Erik “Bluetooth” Griggs, Trevor Lawrence Jr., and Marsha Ambrosius herself in addition to Dr. Dre.

The British singer, who was born in the UK, posted a preview for “The Greatest” on Instagram on Thursday, November 30. The video features her raving about her new song while in the studio with Dr. Dre and friends.

She states boldly, “I’m telling you now: I’m backing this sҺit up 100 percent that I’m excited,” to which Dre responds, “Aww sҺit!”

Years have passed since Dr. Dre initially disclosed in 2021 that he was producing Marsha Ambrosius’ upcoming album, Casablanca.

At the time, he shared a picture of a live orchestra on Instagram along with the caption, “I just finished recording an album with Marsha Ambrosius.” “It was an incredible experience! Some of my best work is this!

Marsha had a similar opinion in a post of her own, saying, “I recently wrapped up recording an album with Dr. Dre called ‘Casablanco.'” I had a fantastic experience! This piece is among my greatest ones!

She discussed the creation of Casablanco at a listening session for the project earlier this year, referring to it as a “trauma bond” between her and Dre.

By the end of 2020, she remarked, “Dre and I were shooting each other ideas back and forth.” And then January 2021 comes along, and I believe that everyone received the text notice. We saw it all, sorry to bring up your personal information. I recall that it was Dr. Dre’s brain aneurysm, and I was calling everyone as my heart stopped.

“I’m like, ‘Yo fool, what happened?'” she said. “Everything is okay,” they sаy. Calm down and unwind. Dre is doing well. After receiving a call from Dre, I started working with him in February 2021. I thus needed his rehab, his recovery, and his rebirth into wanting to create music to uplift people. What he ultimately needed. And in a way, this album served as our trauma bond.

“And the way it started out was she actually flew down to work on some songs for me,” continued Dre, who was also present. And I’m like, “Okay, let’s work on some songs for you,” all of a suԀԀen. Let’s focus on writing three or four tunes. And within two weeks, that suԀԀenly expanded into a full album.

Casablanco’s release date is not yet set in stone.