Ex-Deаth Row player Reggie Wright says Snoop Dogg got the idea for his football league from 2Pac

Ex-Deаth Row player Reggie Wright says Snoop Dogg got the idea for his football league from 2Pac

A former general manager of Deаth Row Records claims that Snoop Dogg expanded on 2Pac’s concept to create a kids football league, but the executive still gives the Long Beach MC credit because “he made it happen.”

During a recent interview that debuted on Wednesday, November 29, Reggie Wright Jr. talked about Snoop realizing Pac’s vision and the ways in which it has helped the communities involved in it.

Wright clarified, “I know Tupac Shakur was the first one talking about that in the ’90s.” “You know, [Snoop] may have adjusted it a bit from what Pac was saying at first, but he understood—he pilfered that idea from Pac.”

He nevertheless took the time to acknowledge the accomplishments of the “Vato” MC, saying, “There are people in the NFL because of it, there are a lot of kids that probably stayed off the streets and were playing football and went a different way in life, where they might have gone the gangbangin’ life or something like that, because of the football league.”

Over his storied career, Snoop Dogg has amassed a sizable fortune, but he has also given back. Just last month, he participated in a significant charity endeavor with Big Daddy Kane and Dr. Dre by putting up a variety of unusual goods for sale.

The ASCAP Foundation, a group devoted to helping musicians, benefited from the auction’s proceeds. More than 300,000 people benefited from the ASCAP Foundation’s programs in the last year alone, including 60,000 students from 700 schools.

Dr. Dre, Snoop, and Kane each gave a signed copy of their 1988 breakthrough Һit, “Ain’t No Half-Steppin,” and Frankie Zоmbie created a pair of signed Air Force Ones.

At the ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards in June, Dr. Dre was recognized by the organization for his musical accomplishments and was given the first-ever Hip Hop Icon Award. Snoop was present to give his longtime partner the award, which acknowledged his unparalleled influence on hip-hop culture and creativity.

Snoop declared, “Nobody like Dr. Dre.” “He has transformed music so many times that it almost seems unjust. We would have remembered Dre for eternity even if he had merely been an N.W.A. member. He would still be revered in hip-hop history if he had simply produced The Chronic.

He went on, “Dr. Dre has never stopped working. He’s earned eight Grammys, sold milliоns of records, and founded some of the most successful music businesses.” “[He] never gave up advancing the music. And I genuinely believe that Dr. Dre has had a profound impact on my life.