Lil Wayne teaches daughter that she doesn’t need to depend on any guy because her dad is very rich

Following her association with Armon Warren on her reality TV show “Toya & Reginae,” Reginae Carter declared, “I’m not tied to no man.”

Reginae Carter is sick and tired of hearing gossip about her romantic relationships.

With the use of a single, straightforward social media post, Lil Wayne and Toya Johnson-Rushing’s daughter chose to clear up any cоnfusiоn over her relationship status. 

“Some people are confused, but I hate doing this,” she posted on X, the old Twitter, on Wednesday. I am not bound to any man. I am not dating. I’ve had enough of conjecture. I am not going to turn around. In any case. Please send me all fresh content.

Although the reason for Carter’s decision to speak out this week is unknown, there have been rumors circulating recently that the reality star and her ex-boyfriend YFN Lucci may be getting back together. 

Recently, Carter also shared on her WE television series Toya & Reginae, the highs and lows of her relationship with Armon Warren.

In an interview with The Messenger, Carter discussed the guidance her parents provide her on dating in the spotlight. 

She declared last summer, “Be strong and independent. That’s what my mother has taught me.” “Know my worth and also don’t let nobody else come into my life unless they know my worth and add to it.”