Diddy spent $1.3M to give Rick Ross a souped-up golf cart as a housewarming gift after becoming his neighbor on the billionaire’s Star Island

Rick Ross received a lavish housewarming gift from Diddy after making a significant $37 million real estate purchase to become Diddy’s new neighbor on Star Island in Miami Beach. The ink had barely dried on the property paperwork, but Diddy wanted to warmly welcome Rozay to the exclusive neighborhood in style.

In a video shared on Rick Ross’ Instagram Stories, Diddy presented him with a souped-up golf cart as his housewarming gift. Diddy playfully informed Rozay that he was not moving in just yet because he needed approval from the community board. Star Island is known for its exclusivity and privacy.

Diddy emphasized the value of the golf cart for getting around Star Island, mentioning that while you can walk, driving is more convenient. He also teased Rick Ross about the noise and parties he often hosts at his Promise Land estate in Georgia, playfully cautioning him against throwing similar gatherings on Star Island.

Diddy humorously asserted, “No parties, no pool parties. I’m the head of the committee, I don’t do any of that.” It was a lighthearted way of reminding Rick Ross to respect the privacy and exclusivity of the neighborhood.

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Rick Ross is in contract to buy the Star Island property for a staggering $37 million. While the deal won’t be finalized for a few more weeks, the 40,000 square-foot oceanfront estate is expected to undergo renovations to suit Rozay’s preferences. The mansion boasts six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a heated swimming pool, an entertainment room, a summer kitchen, and other luxurious amenities.

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In addition to Diddy, Rick Ross will have A-list neighbors such as Jennifer Lopez and NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal on the block. After presenting the housewarming gift, Rick Ross and Diddy hit the studio together, where they teased fans with some unreleased music. It’s an exciting time for Rick Ross as he settles into his new Miami Beach home and continues to make music with iconic collaborators like Diddy.